Secret Pillow Project has grown globally by running, global, rewards based crowdfunding campaigns.

We are currently running an ambitious crowdfunding campaign to raise £10,000 called Own the Most Empowering Shopping Bag in the World. Click here to back the campaign.

Here are links to past, much loved campaigns (most recent at the top)...

Personalised Secret Pillow Campaign 31 backers pledged £2,115 (1 month campaign)

Secret Sari Dress Campaign Number 2 33 supporters pledged £1,308 (1 month campaign)

Secret Clothes Campaign 44 supporters pledged £2,430 (1 month campaign)

Ketto crowdfunding campaign India 4 backers pledged $151 (1 month campaign)

Secret Pillow Project Experiment  15 backers pledged £780 (2 week campaign)

Solve small problems to empower 17 backers pledged £606 (2 days campaign)

Fashion unfolds womens power 354 backers pledged £11,677 (1 month campaign)

Discover the Secret of the Pillows USA 135 backers pledged $16,151 (1 month campaign)
Become a Secret Pillower  302 backers pledged £32,364 (1 month campaign)

Discover the Secret of the Pillows 242 backers pledged £16,571 (1 month campaign)

If you have backed one of our campaigns and still need to redeem your product, please hop onto Live Chat at the bottom right on the home page screen. We want everyone to have the foldable, useful, purposeful and charming products they have bought.

Our CEO, Fritha, is the drive behind all our campaigns. She offers coaching and advice to anyone planning crowdfunding campaigns and also lectures about how to deliver a successful campaign. If you would like to connect with Fritha about crowdfunding, please connect with her through Live Chat, bottom right of the screen.

Huge thank you to Crowdfunder, Kickstarter and Indegigo who run the platforms our social business has just to unfold women's power.

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